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Let’s begin…

What is Feldenkrais? My thoughts about it evolve daily… I’m going to blog them, apparently it’s the thing to do.  It will be my personal take on things, helping me think things through and put ideas, mine and other peoples into my own words.

Today, I think Feldenkrais is essentially about mental flexibility and unearthing fresh ideas, about variation, being able to move away from habits of the body, mind and emotion that are no longer helpful and find more useful ones. It brings me moments of peaceful focus everyday, a moving meditation, calm interludes in the never ending busyness.

I’m studying The Feldenkrais Method on Elizabeth Beringer and Scott Clark’s training in London, just finishing year 3 of 4. I didn’t intend to be, but I suppose I’ve been heading to this point since 2001 when a few months working alongside two forward thinking Occupational Therapists (Eileen Noble and Helen Wilby) made me begin to realize how the ability to think and behave flexibly was so crucial to true independence. I still work in health care as an Occupational Therapist for the NHS and have done so for nearly 17 years.

In my job and in my life, I’ve pondered over and over about how to support people to make changes. I fear that though well intended, I’ve not always been able to find the most effective way for an individual. Not one to stand still, I’ve continued searching, reading, training in this and that, trying things out, talking with all manner of folk.

I think that I’ve got better at empowering people but there’s more to know. I think the work inspired by Moshe Feldenkrais is a missing piece in the jigsaw of my understanding, explaining why will make up much of this blog I imagine.

So if you’re reading this then I can assure you my ideas will move around like dust in the wind, settling for a while in one place then off again.  I think it’s part of the process of evolving ones learning, it’s so exciting…

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